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'Our Vision for Opportunity, Development and Excellence for all at Northwood Park Primary'  




SHINE Excellence in Teaching Programme 

Created by outstanding teachers from across SHINE Academies, the SHINE excellence in teaching programme is a research-based approach to developing the fundamentals skills of teaching such as engagement, long-term memory, differentiation, questioning, communication and assessment. Teachers learn core skills which they can deliver in their own style dependent on the needs of their children. Teachers work together to discuss and explore the aspects of the training and deliver engaging, interesting lessons the children will remember long after they have left primary school. 


Leadership Training  and CPD Pathways 


Striving to grow and excel are part of our core values as a part of SHINE Academies and as a school. We believe our staff are one of the most important assets we can offer our community and we ensure we invest as much as possible in them. We believe people work best when they are highly skilled in areas they are passionate about and we go above and beyond to provide our team with the training and the opportunities needed to apply their growing expertise. 

We have created a bespoke programme working in collaboration with a range of leadership experts which develop fundamentals of leadership such as: responsibility, building relationships, communication, developing others and problem solving. 

In addition to this, we also offer an enhanced leadership programme which explores making decisions in the moment, de-escalating volatile situations, reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace, leading strategically over time, peak performance under pressure and developing your own individual leading style. 


ECT’s (Early Career Teachers)  

At Northwood Park, we are extremely passionate about supporting the next generation of teachers and providing them with the best possible start in their teaching career as we can. One of our values at SHINE academies is ‘Nurture’ and we believe one of the ways in which we display this is the support and guidance we provide our ECT’s over their two years induction and beyond. We offer a comprehensive training programme for each and every one of our Early Career Teachers. Each programme is personalised to the needs of the teacher and designed to continually develop their practice. 

We aim to achieve only the best from our staff and, therefore, it is our responsibility to provide the correct CPD for our new staff.  




We work very closely with a number of local training providers such as The University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham City University, The University of Worcester and The University of Stafford.  We are willing to support a range of school placements in each year group. Our staff are well equipped in supporting students and offer them a brilliant platform to learn and develop. 


Below is some feedback from students who have recently been on placement with us at Northwood Park:  


 ‘I have been able to meet all of my teacher standards easily with the support of my amazing mentor and other staff. I have been able to get involved with the school day and the extra-curricular activities, which I have found very beneficial. I feel confident to become a successful teacher due to my experience and cannot wait to enter my ECT role in September 2021.’ (PCGE Student 2021)  


‘I've been able to attend lots of different staff meetings and training to support my professional development, all of which has been relevant. Attending placement at Northwood Park has been an amazing experience, I've been given lots of support throughout my time but also space to learn and development my teaching. All feedback I have received has been constructive and I've been supported in how to improve my teaching, when and where necessary.’ (Final Year BA Student 2021)  


‘Every member of staff I have met has always made me feel so welcome. Any questions or queries I have had, have been answered promptly. Coming from not much experience in my placement 1(due to Covid), I could not have asked for anything more from my placement 2!’ (First Year BA Student April 2021)  


‘I cannot thank Northwood Park enough for the support, advice, knowledge, and opportunities they have given me. I have never felt like a student and always been made to feel as part of their team. My mentors have gone above and beyond to ensure I receive a wealth of knowledge and support, they have allowed me to be a part of all aspects of the teaching role and gain an insight into life as a teacher. They are an absolute credit to Northwood Park and are exemplary role models for not only students but also staff, the dedication they have to teaching and their pupils is outstanding.’ (Schools Direct Student 2021) 


‘I feel my teaching practice has developed really well during my placement at Northwood Park Primary School. With the support, guidance and feedback of my mentor I have made several adjustments to how I plan, prepare and deliver lessons. In addition, with her help I have made changes to how I fulfil other teaching responsibilities, in particular, in my organisation and behaviour management strategies. Lesson evaluation feedback has been detailed and invaluable so far.’  (Final Year BA Student 2021) 


‘I have not only been supported by mentors but by SLT and the Head who have supported me through my placement and my application to the NQT pool, taking time out of their busy schedules to guide me through the process and ensure I was fully prepared, nothing is ever to much and they will always find time to support you. Through the support, nurture, and guidance of Northwood Park I have secured an NQT position in September, I will be forever grateful to everybody who contributed to my teaching journey and shaped the teacher I am today. I have learnt so much and I can only strive to be a teacher like the role models at Northwood Park, I am really going to miss working with everybody.’ (Schools Direct Student 2021)’  

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