Meet the staff

Meet the staff: Staff List 2019-20

Our positive, inspiring and enthusiastic staff have made sure that there is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere around school, coupled with disciplined, happy and confident children. This effect has had compliments given by visitors.


Our staff get involved in everything they can. Each year the staff at Northwood Park Primary School select two boys and two girls who they believe are excellent role models to all children in school. This results in head boy and girl at the school. Our staff also get involved in extra curriculum activities such as Breakfast Club.


Staff at the school plan exciting, stimulating e-learning activities across each subject, fully embedding the use of the latest technologies, resulting in e-confident learners.


We have a wonderful team of staff who are dedicated to providing a quality education and a happy school life for our children.

​Leadership Team

  • Head Teacher – Mr A Rogers

  • Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs J Grice

  • Assistant Head Teacher – Mrs J Small

  • Assistant Head Teacher – Mr D Flynn

  • Senior Teacher – Mr J Dee

  • Senior Teacher – Mrs A Giles

  • Senior Teacher – Miss B Dawes

  • Senior Teacher – Mrs J Gill

  • Office Manager – Mrs A Turvey

  • Family Liaison Manager – Mrs S Baran   


Middle Management Team


  • Middle Leader – Mrs K Honeyghan

  • Middle Leader – Miss S Chaudhary

  • Middle Leader – Mrs L Asghar   


Year Group Teams 



  • Class Teacher - Mrs J Gill

  • Class Teacher - Mrs L Badger

  • Class Teacher - Mrs S Thaper

  • Class Teacher - Miss E Duignan

  • Outdoor Learning Area Leader – Mrs K Butler

  • Mrs K Chahal- Reception Teaching Assistant 

  • Mrs C Griffiths- Reception Teaching Assistant

Year 1


  • Class Teacher – Miss C Savin

  • Class Teacher – Miss A Palmer

  • Class Teacher – Miss J Richards

  • Teaching Assistant – Mrs B Godwin

  • Teaching Assistant – Miss N Higgins 


Year 2

  • Class Teacher – Mr J Dee

  • Class Teacher – Miss E Roberts

  • Class Teacher – Mr N Platt

  • Teaching Assistant – Mrs E Orme  


Year 3


  • Class Teacher – Mr D Flynn

  • Class Teacher – Miss S Chaudhary

  • Class Teacher – Mr L Harris


Year 4

  • Class Teacher – Miss B Dawes

  • Class Teacher – Mr T Powell

  • Class Teacher – MRs K Honeyghan

  • Teaching Assistant – Mrs D Green

Year 5

  • Class Teacher – Miss E Daniels

  • Class Teacher – Miss L Asghar

  • Class Teacher – Miss A Stirling / Mrs J Grice

  • Teaching Assistant – Miss N Higgins 


Year 6

  • Class Teacher – Miss J Baynham

  • Class Teacher – Mrs A Giles

  • Class Teacher – Miss L Evans

  • Class Teacher – Mrs J Small