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English as an Additional Language

Our school is built upon the solid foundation of our core values: Strive, Harmony, Inspire, Nurture and Excel. Central to our ethos, is the belief that each child's individuality, along with their distinct experiences and backgrounds, deserves the utmost respect. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to embrace and celebrate this diversity while fostering an environment that upholds the dignity of every individual. 

Empowering Learning

Students who are new to the English language receive adaptive teaching and support grounded in research-based strategies. Some of these strategies encompass visual aids, peer collaboration and the use of iPads for translation purposes. Regular assessments and progress tracking ensure that we tailor our approach to meet each child's evolving needs. 

Language Ambassadors

Our Language Ambassadors play a pivotal role in bridging communication gaps between parents, students and staff. Our team includes:

  • Pupil Language Ambassadors who are a group of multi-lingual children representing a variety of cultures and religions: their main roles are to maintain a safe environment for newly arrived children, supporting them in learning basic classroom language and communication skills. 

  • Staff Language Ambassadors who are fluent in 6 different languages including Russian, Lithuanian, Romanian Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu: their main roles are to support with the induction of new arrivals, to communicate with parents and provide on-going provisions for all pupils, including those with EAL.

  • Parent Language Ambassadors, who are proficient in Punjabi, Hindi, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Polish and Czech, are available to support during school tours and events. 

Embracing Diversity Through Special Events

At Northwood Park, we celebrate a range of annual events that reflect our commitment to embracing diversity and fostering a welcoming environment for all. 

- Refugee Week: Held in June, Refugee Week allows us to recognise and support those who have sought refuge in our country. It's a time to raise awareness about the experiences of refugees and celebrate their contributions to our society.

- European Day of Languages: Taking place in September, this day encourages us to celebrate the linguistic richness of Europe. It's an opportunity to explore languages beyond our own and appreciate the cultural values they hold.

- International Tolerance Day/Interfaith Week: In November, we commemorate International Tolerance Day and engage in Interfaith Week activities. These events promote understanding, respect and dialogue among different cultures and faiths.

- International Mother Language Day: Celebrated in February, this day highlights the importance of linguistic diversity and encourages multilingualism. It's a time to honour and preserve various mother languages within our school community.

- Religious Celebrations: Throughout the year, we acknowledge various religious celebrations such as Culture Day, Eid, Ramadan, Christmas and Easter. These events provide insights into different cultural practices and traditions, fostering respect and understanding.

- Historical Celebrations: During Black History Month, we delve into the rich history and achievements of individuals and communities. This is a time to celebrate their contributions and enhance our understanding of diverse histories.

School of Sanctuary

Northwood Park Primary are on a journey to become a School of Sanctuary - a haven of welcome and safety for individuals seeking sanctuary, including asylum-seeking and refugee families. Our mission goes beyond education; it encompasses fostering empathy and understanding throughout our entire school community.

What is a School of Sanctuary?

  • A school that fosters a culture of welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary, including asylum seeking and refugee families.

  • A school that educates the whole school community about the experiences and realities of people who have been forced to flee, in order to foster empathy and understanding.

  • A school that plays an active role in building a culture of welcome by connecting with and supporting local refugee organisations, collaborating with other institutions to raise awareness and advocate for a kinder approach towards those seeking safety.

Information taken from: 

Organisation Pledge

We support the ‘City of Sanctuary’ vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. We endorse the City of Sanctuary Charter, and agree to act in accordance with City of Sanctuary values and apply the network principles within our work (as far as our specific context enables us to). We recognise the contribution of refugees and people seeking sanctuary to British society. Sanctuary seekers are welcomed, included and supported within our organisation. We expect our branches or local groups (if any) to support their local City of Sanctuary group if one exists, and will facilitate contact between them and their local City of Sanctuary group. 

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