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At Northwood Park Primary, we encourage spiritual well-being and mindfulness across the school with an emphasis on promoting positive mental health and a growth mindset culture. Throughout the year each individual class produces a whole class assembly linked to a PSHE theme which is delivered to their fellow pupils, parents and carers, giving our children opportunities to discover hidden talents, skills and new passions. Our PSHE curriculum is structured to help our pupils to be aspirational, confident and grow as happy and successful individuals. The impact of PSHE at Northwood Park Primary School can be measured in our children’s confidence, self-awareness and the knowledge and skills we equip them with to make decisions that positively affect their own lives and the community both locally and globally.



Learn more about our vision for PHSE and the impact it will have on our children. 


Learn more about what topics we teach the children and the order in which we do them.


Medium Term Plans
Learn more about the specifics of what we teach in PHSE and the skills children will learn from them. 


Curriculum Maps
Learn more about what topics we cover with the children.

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