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Forest School

Forest School​

Here at Northwood Park Primary School, we are passionate about the outdoors with each year group having at least one outdoor learning day per half-term.  In addition to this, we also offer pupils the opportunity to take part in our forest School Learning Programme.  This valuable opportunity develops a range of personal, social and cognitive skills including teamwork, resilience, and knowledge and understanding of the world. 

Forest school gives the children a regular opportunity to have a hands on connection with nature. Regular session run in six weekly blocks enable the children to develop confidence and become more relaxed in the natural environment. Children are given the opportunity to nurture and develop the woodland by planting, managing and taking care of the area. This builds a sense of pride and protective instinct in he children which will help inspire the children to value and cherish natural areas in their future lives. The children also have the opportunity to identify and record flora and fauna in the woodland and look at new ways in which we can encourage new growth and new life to sustain and improve the wellbeing of our woodland.

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