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Personal, Social & Health Education

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

We benefit from having a range of visitors come into school to speak to the children ranging from The NSPCC, Fire Service, Network Rail as well as local charities. We use Anti-Bullying ambassadors on the playground, modelling positive and providing an inclusive environment by running lunch-time activities and supporting our Buddy Bench system (for children who need someone to play with).


We encourage spiritual wellbeing and mindfulness across the school with an emphasis on promoting positive mental health and a Growth Mind-set culture.

RSE (Growing up and Relationships) is taught across KS1 and KS2. The School Nurse delivers sessions in Years 4, 5 and 6 with class teachers delivering the rest of the programme. This forms an important part of our safeguarding as children are equip with the skills and confidence to deal with issues they may face.

Throughout the year, each individual class produces a whole class assembly linked to a PSHE theme which is delivered to their fellow pupils and parents.


British values are embedded throughout the school through our Yoimoji characters. These characters form the basis of our weekly class assemblies and teach the children through a series of videos about the types of qualities they should display.

In Early Years PSHE is part of 'Personal Social and Emotional' strand that is broken down to the following: Managing Feelings and Behaviour, Making Relationships and Self-confidence and awareness.


In Key Stage One, children are introduced to our PSHE themes that are taught on a spiral curriculum. The themes are: Back to School, Anti-Bullying, Healthy Eating, British Values, Dealing with Feelings, Dealing with Grief, Money and Me, Growing up and Relationships and Keeping Safe. Children are encouraged to develop collaborative learning practices and develop skills in debate and discuss ideas as well as asking deeper questions to further their understanding.

As we move into Key Stage Two, our curriculum quickly builds upon the learning which has already taken place and provides our children with the skills to be critical thinkers who can make decisions that positively impact their own lives and the community both locally and globally.

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