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Attendance at Northwood Park


School education lays the vital foundations of a child’s life. Research clearly demonstrates the link between regular attendance and educational progress and attainment. Parents/carers and the school staff should work in partnership in making education a success and in ensuring that all children have full and equal access to all that the school has to offer.


As a school, we will encourage parents and carers to ensure that their child achieves maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent this are identified and acted on quickly. As parents, it is their responsibility to ensure that their children arrive at school and return home safely.

School begins at 8:40am and registration takes place at 9:00am. Children arriving later than 9:30am will be marked as absent and this will be unauthorised. 


To report an absence please telephone the School Office on 01902 558715 or email


'NHS: Is My Child Too Ill for School?' :

If you would like some support regarding your child's attendance, Mrs Giles (Attendance Lead) or Mrs McCarthy (Attendance Officer) are happy to help. Please telephone the School Office on 01902 558715 to arrange an appointment. 

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