Design and Technology

Design and Technology


Design and Technology is an inspiring, complex and practical subject that provides children with an excellent opportunity to prepare for the ever-changing world in which we live in. Design and  Technology supports children to think strategically yet creatively to develop designs into outstanding models and creations, whilst continuously evaluating to aid improvements and adaptations. At Northwood Park Primary, we encourage children to think and intervene imaginatively in order to problem solve, both as members of a team and as individuals. Throughout the Design and Technology curriculum, children are given opportunities to design, develop, create and appraise projects in a variety of different contexts. Children are given a variety of opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and are continuously encouraged to reflect and review previous skills developed, considering how these skills can be used to support future projects.

Here at Northwood Park Primary, children develop concrete skills and understanding across all elements of Design and Technology. During their design process, children are taught to develop critical thinking skills in regards to the process they are about to undertake. They support their own product development through labelled, exploded and computer-aided diagrams and understand the importance and relevance of product purpose, principles and evaluation before creating their product to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements needed for it to be a sustained piece.

Children are encouraged to develop a continuously reflective mind during their making process, to ensure they are always thinking about the next step to advance their piece. They effectively select and prioritise materials and equipment based on their functional or aesthetic use. Here at Northwood Park Primary, children demonstrate individuality, productivity and practicality through their own piece, as they are encouraged to reflect on the functionality of their product during the process to ensure adaptations and modifications can be made.

Here at Northwood Park Primary, children develop a sense of pride and strive to achieve high standards when creating their final piece.  They develop an understanding about the importance and relevance of providing aesthetically appealing products throughout all areas of the Design and Technology curriculum. Children are given copious opportunities to reflect and review the prominence of the aesthetic element of their product and are encouraged to identify how it further advances their completed product.  A key element of Design and Technology at Northwood Park Primary is that it allows children to evaluate and guide their own and others’ work towards excellence.  As well as this, children are encouraged to reflect upon and evaluate past and present designs, their uses and effectiveness, and are encouraged to become innovators and risk-takers.

We aim to, wherever possible, link projects to: Computing, Mathematics, Science, History, Art and Outdoor Learning within the curriculum, giving children opportunities to identify and establish connections to the projects they design and construct to the world around them. Northwood Park Primary School children are given exceptional opportunities to achieve: critical-thinking skills, problem solving strategies and outstanding analytic abilities that prepare them for the ever-adapting society they belong to.

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