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Family Liaison

Family Liaison


The family liaison officer is an impartial and non-judgemental service which offers families and children support at home or within school.  Whether it’s a listening ear…I need some information on…my child is struggling with…I am going through something and need support…. We are here for you.


Communication is paramount and we are here to support parents where, at times, that communication may have broken down.  The home-school link helps to ensure we are all working together for the best interests of you and your family.

We can also offer support with school attendance, transitions, parenting, behaviour, budgeting or routines. We are also able to perform home visits.  We work with a range of services throughout the city as well as making referrals to other agencies.  Some of the services we work with are: Wolverhampton Social Care, Strengthening Families hubs, Black Country Women’s Aid, food banks and the Sikh Toy Appeal.


We are fortunate to have a behaviour team in school who support children’s behaviours and mental health within the classroom. They are able to offer a range of interventions to support the children’s needs in group sessions, at lunch times, as well as on a one to one basis.


We offer an open door policy in school and would welcome you to pop into, or call the school office, at any point if you need a chat .


Your family liaison team is:


  • Mrs T Bentley – Family Liaison Officer

  • Ms K Devi – Intervention Worker

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